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The Free State Development Corporation (FDC) is the official agency responsible for driving economic development in the Free State. The agency focuses on four key activities in order to achieve growth and development:

FDC aims to develop sustainable businesses that create jobs, promote black economic empowerment and increase economic participation of previously disadvantaged individuals.

The principal objectives in the FDC's SMME development strategy are:

  • Development of sustainable SMME projects that create jobs.
  • Growing a balanced and profitable SMME loan portfolio.
  • Promoting black economic empowerment and increasing economic participation of previously disadvantaged individuals.

Funding of SMME'S and Co-operatives are directed to the following key strategic sectors:


  • Agro- Processing
  • Mineral Beneficiation
  • Chemical Beneficiation


  • Franchising
  • Retail
  • Tourism Development
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Business Process Services and Offshoring( BPS&O)

Loan products

FDC offers enterprises suitable premises at affordable rates through its diverse property portfolio.

Property Management & Development


Overseeing and administering a diverse and substantial portfolio. If you are a small, medium, micro enterprise or a labour intensive company in search of suitable industrial and commercial premises, look no further. FDC's Property Management Unit offers your small to medium enterprise suitable premises at affordable rates through its diverse and substantial property portfolio. Over the years the unit has provided business premises to the general public, business people and government departments who want to initiate projects. The unit has also been instrumental in providing warehousing, manufacturing space, offices and space in various shopping centers across the province.

Offering you quality services

Overseeing some 253 commercial properties and 290 industrial properties FDC uses this infrastructure to:

  • Facilitate commercial and industrial activity;
  • Assist new investors who may be looking for suitable premises; and
  • Facilitate SMME development, particularly in rural areas.

 Our spread

The substantial property portfolio makes FDC one of the biggest property owners in the province with industrial, residential and commercial properties in excess of 900 000 m² situated in the Mangaung Metro and Thabo Mafutsanyana district.
Our industrial properties are located in

  • ThabaNchu
  • Botshabelo
  • Industriqwa - Harrismith
  • Phuthadithjaba

Our cost structure

FDC's property rates of leasing are competitive and compare favourably with similar industrial and commercial properties elsewhere in the country. FDC's industrial property rates currently range from R9.08 to R14.52 per square metre for factory space, depending on the features of the property, and from R30 to R60 m square metre for commercial premises and are adjusted from time to time in line with prevailing economic conditions.


Incentives may be granted in the form of rental holidays, reduced rental rates and discounts on utilities for investments contributing to job creation on a large scale.

Black Economic Empowerment

Concessions which may be granted to businesses with more than 50% black ownerships include the following:

  • A discount of 10% on normal rental rates
  • An additional discount of 2% for women-owned businesses, where women have more than 50% shareholding in the business
  • An additional discount of 2% for youth-owned entities where more than 50% of shareholding in the business belongs to individuals below age of 35
  • An additional discount of 2% for businesses where disabled persons hold 25% shareholding or more

These concessions do not apply in instances of lease renewals or existing leases.

Three easy steps to occupying your new premises...

  • Once FDC has identified a suitable site for your business, you will have to confirm your interest in the site in writing with the corporation;
  • Within a week of receiving the confirmation and all legal documentation, premises will be allocated based on the availability and the specific requirements of the prospective tenant. You will sign the agreement and pay the initial costs which include the following:
    • Deposits
    • Admin and legal fees
    • One month's rental in advance

You will be able to occupy the premises after FDC has prepared the building according to the agreed requirements.

Contact Us:

For more information regarding factory space to rent please contact us:

Telephone: 051 4000 800 | Email: [email protected]

Rent office space

FDC attracts foreign and local direct investments to the Free State province.

Services For Potential Investors

The Free State Development Corporation invites potential local and foreign investors to take advantage of the Free State’s compelling proposition when looking for an investment destination.

Offering you quality service at no cost.

FDC should be your first point of contact for your investment needs in the Free State. At no cost to you, the agency will assist you in identifying opportunities and facilitating their development.

Our services to investors include:

  • Identifying and developing viable investment opportunities
  • Packaging of investment opportunities
  • Facilitation of these opportunities by
  • Identifying appropriate locations for the investment
  • Assisting with securing of office and factory premises
  • Providing advice on statutory requirements
  • Facilitation of work permits
  • Assistance with incentive applications
  • Providing advice on environmental impact assessments
  • Facilitation of finance through local institutions
  • Facilitation of joint ventures/equity partnerships through identification of local partners
  • Access to business and government networks
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Assisting with the development of local and international markets.

FDC have a targeted approach to growth sectors.

The programmes current targeted sectors, although not inclusive include:

  • Special Economic Zone (Industrial Development Zone)
  • Mining and Mineral Beneficiation
  • Agriculture and Agro-processing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Tourism Infrastructure
  • ICT and BPS
  • Transport and Logistics
  • General Manufacturing
  • Chemical Down Streaming

This division is currently in the process of conducting feasibility studies for a wide range of investment opportunities.


Services For Exporters

With the South African economy becoming increasingly integrated into the global economy there is a growing need for local business to diversify and become exporters of goods and services. FDC aims to increase the value of exports from the province by assisting exporters to gain access to foreign markets.

Together with enterprises such as the Small Business Development Enterprise Agency (SEDA), FDC will continue to assist producers and manufacturers to develop their export capabilities. In their quest to support regional co-operation in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), FDC will compile country briefs in order to promote intra-regional trade.

FDC will also assist exporters to take advantage of access to wider markets. The following services are provided to existing or emerging exporters:

  • Compilation of a database of exporters and potential exporters in the Free State Province
  • Providing platforms for product promotion at local, international trade exhibitions
  • Business to Business meetings
  • Capacity building workshops
  • Linking foreign buyers to local exporters
  • Disseminating trade leads and enquiries
  • Networking opportunities
  • Advice on export incentives
  • Facilitating applications on export promotion incentives (EMIA)
  • Facilitation of targeted Outward Selling Missions
  • Assisting exporters with primary market research
  • Invitations to meet with inward trade missions
  • Technical advice on exporting procedures

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