Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 16:30

Office Hours

+27 (0) 51 4000 800


33 Kellner Street Bloemfontein


High Speed Internet

With a Fibre Optic line,our internet service will ensure you are always on the pulse

Printing Service

Printing,copying,binding and laminating services at an additional cost

Business address

Benefits from a credible address and mail handling service

Fully Serviced,Fully Furnished Office Space

Share Your Work Space With Potential Enterpreneurs!


36 1st Avenue, Westdene Bloemfontein


20 Water Street, Klipspruit Shopping Mall Parys




Our Boardroom seats 24 people and includes presentation equipment, Wifi as well

Cleaning Services

Free weeklycleaning services and daily bin emptying

Open Plan Areas

Confortable open-plan arears for collaborating, bouncing ideas around, socialising or relaxing

Communal Kitchens

Make use of a fully serviced and equipped communal kitchen


We offer a safe environment for you to conduct your business, with secure parking as well as security on site, secured entrance

Flixibility and affordability

Because common space and facilities are shared in the building, the costs are a fraction of those associated with running a traditional office.

You will not have to pay for infrastructure and services(like meeting rooms and high0speed internet) that you dont use all the time. Just pay as you go each month for everything you need to conduct your business and stay connected.

collaboration and networking

We understand the importance of collaboration and networking for independent business people and enterpreneurs. This is why our Rent-A-Desk spaces are desiged to facilitate interaction, both in comfortable open areas and in more formal meeting rooms. You will have private space when you need it, you will also find it easy to meet and engage with others.

sophistication and confort

We are proud of our Rent-A-Desk spaces, which combined elegant interior design with cutting-edge technology and optional comfort.
The Free State Development Corporation has identified the FDC Rent-A-Desk space as a potential hub or a gallery for local crafters.

This space is tentatively indentified fir the use of Free State Crafts with the hope that persons visitng Rent-A-Desk will be interested in our locally made products and order our proudly locally made products with the Crafters.

Having your own work space does not need to cost a fortune which ia why we put an emphasis on affordability. We offer a number of contract periods as well as a walk in rates to suit your budget without compromisng on service.

We have numerous contract plans avalable to suit just about any budget.

  • Full day option
  • Half day option
  • 10 day option
  • Flexible Hours(Boardroom daily or hourly, Hot Desk hourly rate & daily rate)
Prices includes the use of the Boardroom, Free High Speed WIFI, Scanning,Printing and Coffee & Tea

Free State Development Corporation
Growing the Free State
The Free State Development Corporation (FDC) is the official economic development agency for the Free State. The agency focuses on four key actvities in order to achieve growth and development, services to SMME's, export related assistance and property management.


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